Do You Remember Love?
The Movie

A wonderful movie with a tragic history...

The thirtieth anniversary of this movie has come and gone. It was increasingly sad that no one had ever corrected the slanders which Clash inserted into the Macross fan-canon. Finally, we decided to do something about it. Meaning, we decided to translate the offending lines from scratch and then re-sub the entire film.

  • A version designed for general public consumption (meaning, muggle-friendly) is now available on YouTube, on the Dragonfly Fansubs channel.
  • A version designed for otaku is available for download HERE. It is designed with conventions and clubs in mind, and lends itself well to the group viewing experience. Feel free to download it and show it at gatherings.
    PLEASE UNDERSTAND that charging anyone anything to watch this is illegal. This is FREE!

    We hope you enjoy watching these new corrected versions of this timeless and beautiful anime classic!

    Dragonfly Fansubs